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OPGC Project Utkarsh Goes Live

Message from Managing Director


Dear All,

 It gives me immense pleasure in declaring successful implementation of Project UTKARSH and GoLive of SAP ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) in OPGC today. It is indeed a very proud moment in the history of OPGC where the implementation went ahead as per the plan and project came alive on the committed day. In this momentous occasion I would like to congratulate one and all who had been associated with the project and contributed towards its success.

 Implementation of Project UTKARSH marks a new beginning for OPGC which facilitates much desired cross functional integration of processes for improving several elements of our business to harness efficiency. It is expected that with the help of this system people at all level can take better and informed business decisions which is essential for business agility.

 At this point I would also like to remind you all that any system can be useful to the extent people take initiative to adopt and use it. In the beginning change is always going to be painful and resistance to change is normal. During this time we need to remember that at the end of this difficult journey there lies rich rewards. I will urge everybody to get familiar with the system and start using it. There will be difficulties but there will also be help around to handhold you in this journey.

 At the end I must mention that implementation of Project UTKARSH has been a unique experience for me personally and I would like to take this opportunity once again to congratulate OPGC SAP & IT team, M/s Accenture, M/s SAP India and all the employees of OPGC who have extended wholehearted support for the timely and successful implementation of Project UTKARSH. 

Congratulations to All!!!   Job Well Done!!!

 Indranil Dutta

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