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NIT No. ITPS/Pur./ 23-24/28
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  • OPGC will ensure compliance with relevant statutory legislation in the specification, design, operation, maintenance of its power plant assets and spares.
  • OPGC will use appropriate National and International standards in the specification and design of spares and will complement these with OPGC Local Management specifications where necessary.
  • OPGC will promote the use of appropriate Life Management Techniques for all its assets subject to degradation as a result of environmental or operational causes to ensure that the asset is capable of achieving the required levels of performance at minimum economic cost and without unacceptable risks to personnel.
  • OPGC will use and build upon its knowledge and experience of the design, operation and maintenance of the existing plant and will promote the use of appropriate new and existing technologies to improve performance, minimize risk and reduce costs.
  • OPGC will employ appropriate quality management systems and procedures in the implementation of Engineering Policy. This will include an appropriate documentation system detailing engineering Principles, Procedures and Technical standards.
  • OPGC will seek to adopt these Engineering Policies and Principles where it is involved in O & M activities and will seek to initiate technical audit activities.
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