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Odisha Power Generation Corporation Ltd., at Ib Thermal Power Station, Banharpali, Jharsuguda, commits for prevention & control of pollution relating to power generation and to have continual improvement in environmental quality as required by local and other applicable laws.

To achieve this, the objectives envisaged for commitment are to :

  • Produce clean and economic power.
  • Conserve resources used as input.
  • Minimise source emission by adopting efficient operating practices & clean technology wherever techno-economically viable.
  • Reduce figurative emission & work zone dust concentration in plant.
  • Manage solid & hazardous waste in an eco-friendly manner.
  • Comply with applicable Safety, Health and Environment regulations.
  • Have on-site emergency plan & preparedness for handling chemical hazard & fire hazard.
  • Maintain thick green belt in and around the plant, colony and ash pond area.
  • Educate and develop an environmentaaly aware work force at all levels.
  • Encourage contractors and suppliers to follow this policy.

This policy shall be communicated to all working at ITPS and shall be made available to all interested parties.

Managing Director


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