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NIT No: 01 (FY: 2021-22)

Date: 27/04/2021

OPGC invites sealed bids from bona fide and financially sound Registered Agencies /Firms /Companies for execution of the following Works for its Thermal Power Plant at Banharpali:

WORKS TENDER FOR UNIT-1&2: NIT No: 01 (FY: 2021-22) dtd.27.04.2021 (Telephone 06645-289-232/355/221/ 245; Email: satya.tarai@opgc.co.in; rabindra.panda@opgc.co.in; siba.pati@opgc.co.in; hayattulla@opgc.co.in)

Sl Name of the work Tender Cost (Rs.) EMD (Rs.) Contract Period Sale of Tender document Date of receipt & submission/ Opening of Bid
1 AMC for Civil maintenance jobs in ITPS Colony during the years 2021-23

including GST

1% of total quoted price As per Bid Document 29.04.2021 to 19.05.2021 Up to 15:00 Hrs on 20.05.2021/
15:30 Hrs onwards on 20.05.2021
2 Overhauling & Repair of Unit
Auxiliary Transformer-2A (16
MVA, 15.75/6.6 KV, TELK Make)
including GST
1% of total quoted price As per Bid Document 29.04.2021 to 19.05.2021 Up to 15:00 Hrs on 20.05.2021/
15:30 Hrs onwards on 20.05.2021
3 AMC of Electrical Equipment in Main Plant for 03 years Rs.11200/-
including GST
1% of total quoted price As per Bid Document 30.04.2021 to 20.05.2021 Up to 15:00 Hrs on 21.05.2021/
15:30 Hrs onwards on 21.05.2021
4 AMC of LED Street Light System at periphery road of OPGC and Tilia Panchayat Rs.5600/-
including GST
1% of total quoted price As per Bid Document 03.05.2021 to 24.05.2021 Up to 15:00 Hrs on 25.05.2021/
15:30 Hrs onwards on 25.05.2021
5 Annual Civil Maintenance Works in Main Plant area at ITPS (For 02 years) Rs.11200/-
including GST
1% of total quoted price As per Bid Document 05.05.2021 to 25.05.2021 Up to 15:00 Hrs on 26.05.2021/
15:30 Hrs onwards on 26.05.2021

. e-Reverse Auction (E-RA) shall be conducted for the works at Sl. No. 1, 3 & 5 above. The Transaction Fees for eReverse Auction shall be deposited to the account of MSTC Limited directly.

The non-refundable Transaction Fees towards e-Reverse Auction as mentioned above shall be deposited by all TechnoCommercially qualified bidders directly to the account of MSTC before E-RA launch schedule. The date of conduct of E-RA shall be intimated in later stage to Techno Commercially qualified bidders via e-mail. Before participation in e-Reverse Auction, the bidder has to register in MSTC e-Procurement Portal well in advance and submit the E-RA fee amounting to the value intimated by M/s. MSTC Limited.

Cost of bid document (non-refundable) shall be paid by Demand Draft in favour of OPGC Ltd. drawn on State Bank of India (Code-9510) / Union Bank of India (Code-UBIN0806625) / Central Bank of India (Code-283899) payable at ITPS, Banharpali or ICICI Bank (Code-ICIC0003679) payable at Telenpali. Cost of bid document shall have to be submitted along with the bid and the DD towards the tender cost (separate from EMD) should be prepared on or before the last date of submission/receipt of tender, otherwise the bid shall be liable for rejection. Small scale industries/National Small-Scale Industries Corporation/ MSME firms are exempted from payment of Cost of bid document only if they are entitled for exemption of the offered service. Tenderers seeking exemption shall claim in advance along with the photocopy of Valid Page 3 of 189 Registration Certificates at least two days before the due submission date. However, OPGC reserves the right to accept/ reject the exemption request if the same is found unauthenticated or not relevant to the offered item. In case of any discrepancy found between tender document submitted by the agency and the master copy in our office, the latter should prevail. No claim on this account shall be entertained. Complete and signed sealed bids in hard copy form only shall be received at Contract Cell, ITPS. Bids shall be opened at Contract Cell, ITPS in the presence of the bidders or their authorized representatives, if present at the time of opening. If the last date of issue / receipt / opening happens to be a HOLIDAY, the tender will be issued/ received / opened at the respective time on the next working day. The photocopies of all the supporting documents required for participating in the tender mentioned in NIT/Tender paper shall be submitted along with the bid; otherwise, the bid is liable for rejection. Bids without EMD will be rejected outright.

NB: Bidders having the requisite qualifying requirements as specified in the bid document shall only be considered for tender evaluation.

Bids received after stipulated date & time shall not be entertained. OPGC shall not take any liability on account of any postal/courier delay. OPGC reserves the right to accept / reject any or all tenders, seek additional clarifications, split up the scope among eligible bidders or cancel the tender altogether without assigning any reasons thereof.

Important: The detailed NIT along with Terms and Conditions are available for download at OPGC website at www.opgc.co.in. . Addenda/Corrigenda/ Extensions, if any, will be notified on the OPGC website only and will not be published in any other media. Interested companies or entities may visit OPGC website for the tender timeline and other details.

Sd/- AGM-Contracts

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